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Great Tips on How to Deal With Haters

Let’s face it, it’s impossible not to deal with haters throughout your life. They are a virus that’s impossible to fully eradicate. The more you let them plague you, the angrier you become. Haters exist to test your limits, and it’s your job to rise above them.

Are you dealing with some hardcore haters and don’t know what to do about it? Maybe, you are arguing back with them and becoming one of them yourself? The following guidelines will help you dispel haters from your life and forget they even exist.


1.) Ignore the Hate

Haters love people who fall into their trap. Don’t give them the time of day or even look their way. If you act like they don’t exist, eventually they won’t!


2.) Don’t Take it Personal

The biggest mistake people make is taking the things haters say personally. The bottom line is who cares what they say! Do you and stay on your path.


3.) Embrace the Haters

This may sound contrary, but haters are there in your life because you are doing big things. The reason they hate is because they are jealous. In most instances, more success equals more haters.


4.) Don’t Waste Your Breath

The VERY last you want to do is get into an argument with a hater. This is the how you will go straight down the path of destruction and suck up all their negative vibes. Ever notice how angry you feel after arguing with a hater even if you feel like you won the “argument?” In fact, you didn’t win anything, and they were able to implant their seed of hate into you!


5.) You Don’t Owe Them Squat!

If a Hater approached you looking for an explanation, don’t apologize for any of your actions. If you did the right thing in your mind, you don’t owe them anything!


6.) Avoid Haters

If you can make slight changes in your patterns to avoid the haters in your life, and it’s not affecting the quality of your life, then do it!


7.) Accept that Haters Will Always Exist

Once you have all these rules in place, accept the fact that haters are gonna hate. It’s not your job to cleanse the earth of haters. It’s their job to improve themselves.



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