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Our Story


   Sick Guy Industries(S.G.I) was started as a means of spreading spirituality as well as a mindstate of open awareness and heightened consciousness with inspiring messages that will motivate positive progression & change.


 Daniel Emell (Founder/Owner):

" The idea came to me after learning how to brew some wonderful sassafras tea (if you don't know, google it) taught by a kindred spirit I'd met at a festival in the summer of 2014. Originally I had wanted to produce a Sick Guy tea (*still thinking about it*) but instead decided to make clothing. Sick Guy has a special meaning that I live by day in and day out & it is our hope to spread this message to the masses."




   Our mission is to make Sick Guy Industries(S.G.I) a brand recognized as a symbol of enlightenment & self-expression but most of all for FREEDOM of the MIND.
It's our duty, along with everyone on this earth to lift each other up & work in harmony together. We are all reflections of each other, helping another is helping yourself :)
Allow S.G.I. to be your lifestyle partner and a friend that always encourage you to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Thank you for visiting our site and we appreciate your support! Follow us @lifeofasickguy on social media and subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't done so already.(You can find the sign-up button in the top right corner of the page)



 - Be MORE, Not Ordinary